Certification & Rig Inspection / Design & Engineering of Oilfield Equipment

Rig Inspection

Rig Inspection & Certifications

At PEMAC, we provide further value add to ensure the safety and reliability of your operations through rig certifications and inspections. As time passes, your rigs and pipes will be subjected to cracking, corrosion, initial manufacturing defects, and general wear and tear. This will no doubt compromise and jeopardize the company's operations and safety.

PEMAC can provide valuable support through inspection to API standards. By outsourcing this function, it will be more cost effective as compared to setting up and maintaining an in-house inspection team. Generally, we are engaged during on and off hire surveys and at the start or conclusion of rig management contracts.

PEMAC offers the following services;

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Design & Engineering of Oilfield Equipment

At PEMAC, part of our capabilities include design & engineering of Oilfield equipment. With a team of experienced engineers, complemented by a well furnished workshop, PEMAC is able to offer innovative design and manufacture customized products at high precision and specifications without compromising quality. As always, we ensure that we meet high industrial benchmark standards established by API. We strive towards providing cost effective solutions that can be easily integrated into existing operations.

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For further details and clarification please contact our sales team.